Flood Damage Cleanup For Holland and Jamison PA Residents

Whether it is a defective pipe or home appliance, flood damage in the home can cause great damage both the actual foundation of your Holland, PA home as well as material items like carpet and furniture.

furthermore any water that linger for more than 24 hours can lead to the formation of molds and fungi in the floors and walls. This kind of situation can be very hazardous to your health and your family.

Lots of people don’t think much about the wetness that they find in their walls and may think that this is not an urgent matter. However, this is a clear prerequisite for mold growth within your walls. It is best to contact Elite Water Damage and Restoration if you noticed any wetness whatsoever.

Call us today at 215-240-8440 and we’ll inspect and provide you with a report free of charge.

Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc offers top call water and flood cleanup services to Holland and Jamison PA residents.

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We are a professional water and flood removal company that take into consideration certain factors. We look at items like the insurance coverage of your house, the extent of damage, the cost of repair service, and the furnishings replacements to give you the best case possible restoration process.

Here’s a list of steps that we take during the process.

We always take pictures of the damaged area. Those photos can also be used as proof of damage for your insurance provider.

We get rid of all un-recoverable items like soggy furniture, padding and carpeting. Any trace of dampness in those items means that it has become a breeding ground for mold and therefore they need to be disposed of as soon as possible.

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